Top tips for vegetarian travellers

If you prefer your food without the taste of slaughter then there has never been a better time to go meat free. Our top tips for vegetarian travellers will help you go guilt free across the globe.

Thanks to the hipsters, being a herbivore is finally cool. Within the Anglosphere, choice has skyrocketed and gone are the days of omelettes, risotto and cheese toasties for every meal.
However, travelling can still throw up some difficulties for veggies, even in some European destinations, where saying you don’t eat meat is likely to be met with almost equal suspicion as proclaiming that you would like to urinate on the table.
However, it is by no means impossible to get by. With a bit of pre planning and preparation, you can travel the world and still satiate yourself guilt free.
So with no further ado, here are Shoestringer’s top tips for vegetarian travellers.

Note: Most of the following advice has been compiled with vegetarians in mind. Vegans may find the following useful but not every tip will be entirely suitable for their needs. 


In flight meals

If you have a long journey ahead don’t presume that the airline will automatically have catered for your dietary requirements. Check what the options are beforehand and make sure you request ahead of your scheduled flight, otherwise you may find yourself short on sustenance.


Download this app

A brilliant tool for veggies (and vegans) is the Happy Cow app. You can search your location for veggie/vegan restaurants and also for establishments that are veggie friendly. Users also can provide reviews and ratings to help other animal conscious travellers out.

Do your research

A little bit of pre-planning will save you a long time wondering around looking for a suitable place to eat. Check out forums online for your planned location and see if anyone has advice or recommendations. Knowing the lay of the land before you go will save you getting ‘hangry’ and ruining your day later. The above app will go a long way in helping out in major destinations.


Carry something on you.

Carry some sort of snack for those times when you can’t/forgot/didn’t want to plan ahead. This is particularly good advice for our vegan friends who might find it hard just grabbing something on the go.


Make peace with carbs

There are going to be those days when you just can’t find the braised tofu you’re craving and your blood sugar levels are about to lead you to murder. It’s time to make peace with carbohydrates my friend. Bread, pasta, noodles, rice and potato are usually easily available in one form or another across the planet. Eat them before you kill.


Go off menu

Don’t be afraid of asking for something that is not on the menu. You may need to do a bit of pointing/using google translate to get you there, but if you can find a way of communicating what it is you want then chefs often don’t mind rustling something up for you.


Head to the local store

If you have the means to rustle yourself something up, then head over to the local store and take advantage of sampling the local produce once in a while. In a similar vein to a previous point, almost every store in the world will have some sort of bread and cheese available (sorry vegans) so you can at least fill yourself up until you find something else.


Learn the lingo

Before you go, learn to say a variation on one of the following phrases in the local language: I don’t eat meat/ I am vegetarian/no meat/ I eat vegetarian food. That’s going to go a long way in making sure you don’t end up with pig in your mouth.


Be prepared for questions

You’re going to another country with different customs and social codes. Not eating meat maybe totally unheard of, or carry a social stigma.  Be prepared for questions.  The key is to not get on your organic-free-range-grass-fed high-horse and get offended. Be honest, and don’t make it a big deal, then eventually people will leave you be and not pressure you.  Besides, as a veggie, you’re probably used to everybody having an opinion on your dietary choices by now anyway.

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