This flight is about to depart: Man legs it across runway to catch his Ryanair flight.


We have all woken in the middle of the night in a cold sweat dreaming we have missed our 7.50 flight to Kos, but how far would you go if your Ryanair flight was setting off without you.

We certainly wouldn’t recommend copying this man in Madrid who made the incredibly dangerous decision to run onto the tarmac and try to flag down his flight.


Man runs across airport runway to flag down his Ryanair flight


The footage shows the man jumping from the jet bridge after apparently already making his way past security.


Man jumping from jet bridge to catch his Ryanair flight.


He then grabs his luggage from the baggage handler and runs after his Ryanair flight which was already taxiing ready for take-off


Man runs across airport runway to flag down his Ryanair flight


Security officials managed to stop the man before he got to the plane.

The video appeared here on Facebook and has since had thousands of views. The caption accompanying the video read: “This particular passenger was missing a Ryanair flight and, unbelievably, skipped several security protocols.”

Most of us at Shoestringer would do anything for a holiday but this certainly isn’t recommended.


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